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Q-TECH INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS is a company founded by tech gurus who believe in unhindered access to technology. We are tech lovers on a mission to help every home in New York get the most out of their
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Computer Repair Services
Computer Repair Services

Virus / Adware Removal: removes spyware, adware, malware, and viruses from computers

Redo: Reinstall operating system to make your computer like new (docs are saved in process)

Laptop Fix: Replace broken LCD screens and digitizers, replace keyboards and other parts

Speed up/ Clean up: Remove junk files and programs without losing important docs.

Build Computers: Build computers from scratch whether gaming or personal computers within your budget.

Is your computer suffering from any problems? Q-Tech Innovative Solutions provide all kinds of computer repairing services for laptops and desktop computers. Our computer repair services provide you with the appropriate solution for the problem your PC is suffering from.

A defective computer can be a problem and cause even more setbacks for the user due to its unreliability. Data loss, corruption of files and private information being leaked can be a complication for the user and end up putting them behind schedule. These problems need to be taken care of as soon as possible as that helps to minimize the damage that can be caused by such issues.

We provide qualified and experienced experts who are more than capable to handle your computer-related problems. Our services includes things like computer repair, upgrades, virus protection, malware removal and protection against spyware, just to name a few. Schedule an appointment with us and get all of your computer problems solved!

Network Services
Network Services

Fix internet Issues: Cannot connect to internet due to faulty router or computer

Connect Devices: Connect printers computers and other devices (routers and extenders) to network or internet.

A company’s network can be the key to how efficient they are. Networking is extremely important in a company and it is often overlooked. Q-Tech Innovative Solutions provides high quality, reliable network solutions for business of all types and sizes.

A network that is broken, or unreliable can cause major problems and essentially cripple the company. Our modern computer network services and qualified IT experts ensure that all of this is avoided. Our services include routing & switching, wireless, IPSec & SSL VPN and wan optimization amongst others.

Whether you need to optimize your current networking service or need an entirely new networking system for your company, our experienced employees provide exactly what you are looking for with the networking being optimized to your liking and specifications.

Remote Support
Remote Support

Allows our techs to fix most of your issues remotely as long as there is an internet connection

Keep track of computer to make sure it is up to date and running smoothly (monthly maintenance plan)

Are you worried about your systems encountering any kind of problem at a time when no technician or expert can come to resolve it? Are you scared that you might lose your data and not have any way to stop it? Q-Tech Innovative Solutions bring you remote support services to ease your worries.

Our remote services allow us to take care of technical issues without having to make an on-site visit. This is done through the use of software that allows us to take control of the PC from afar. Our experienced and qualified employees can then either guide the client through the process or take control of the computer depending on the severity of the issue.

We provide remote assistance so that our clients can get the help they need at the click of a button. We are available round the clock, 24/7. This gives our clients a sense of security, assuring them that they have reliable technicians to help them in case any problem arises. In case a problem is too difficult to manage remotely, our employees are ready to visit the site as soon as possible.

Printer Support
Printer Support

Connect printer to computer and other devices (wired or wirelessly)

Fix common issue with printers like paper jam or low ink

Is your printer causing you problems? Avail our printer support services and allow us to sort all of your printer’s issues. Printers can be of many different types and can include different peripherals such as fax and scanners. However, our services cater to nearly all kinds of printers.

Our certified technicians are readily available to help you out with all kinds of printer predicaments. These problems can be caused by hardware or software but our experts can resolve the problem you may be encountering. We will have your printer functioning flawlessly so that you may meet your workflow demands without any interruptions.

QTIS aims to provide a reliable service that our clients can rely on. We focus on making our service fast and affordable. From simply replacing ink cartridges so repairing busted machinery, our services take care of it all for you. Avail our services by giving us a call right away!

CCTV Installation & Maintenance
CCTV Installation & Maintenance

Security Camera Install: Install security cameras wired or wireless. Wires can be ran through panduit, conduit or exposed.

Security Camera Maintenance: Make sure your cameras are always up and running. Clean lenses if there is an obstruction. (Maintenance plan)

Burglar alarms: Install burglar alarm systems that can be link to whatever company they were bought from.

Smart Home Install: Set up all smart home devices ( refrigerator lights, Google Home, Alexa, air conditioning etc.)

Are you worried about your security? The use of security cameras is now extremely common for a lot of homes along with companies and industries. Security cameras not only allow you to record all going activities, they also deter different types of crime such as trespassing, theft, criminal damage and harassment.

If you’re thinking of installing security cameras on your premises with amazing results then contact Q-Tech Innovative Solutions! We provide complete services regarding the installation and maintenance of the cameras, allowing them to work flawlessly. Our security systems will boost the security of your home and help keep you safe.

Apart from the installation, our teams are also available to take care of any problems that should arise such as the cameras not working properly. Our employees are qualified and capable of handling CCTV cameras for all kinds of locations.

TV repair and installation
TV repair and installation

TV Repair: Repair all smart TVs no matter the issue unless water damage

TV Installation: Install TVs mounted or embedded in wall.

Audio Solutions: Install soundbars, Bluetooth speakers and surround sound.

Are you looking for a professional service to install your TV for you? Is your TV having problems and in need of maintenance? Q-Tech Innovative Solutions offers high quality, reliable TV solutions that allow you to take care of any existing TV. Our services also provide qualified experts who can come in and install your TV for you.

The installation process for modern TVs can be a little difficult with how slim and advanced they have become. Their installation requires an expert who can perform the procedure, since it can be tricky for someone who is unfamiliar with the process.

Our employees are highly qualified and experienced which allows them to provide the services our clients require. We also provide maintenance and repair services to fix any broken TVs and ensure that the existing ones continue to function properly.

Start Working
From Home

If you plan to set up a small home-based business, Q-TECH INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS can offer all the support you need. Our technicians will help you find the best technology solution. From setting up computers and network to security and monitoring, we can help you with every aspect of setting up a home based business in New York.

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We know how important customer experience is for a busines and therefore,
we trive to make your company excel in this.

Our Pricing Table

We know how important customer experience is for a busines and therefore,
we trive to make your company excel in this.
$25 / Month
  • 1 pc or laptop 1 printer
  • (1) Free Speedup / Clean up
  • (1) Free Adware and Virus Removal
  • 25% Off Remote Support
  • 25% off onsite repair
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
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$50 / Month
  • 2 pc or laptops and 2 printers
  • (2) Free Speedup / Clean up
  • (2) Free Adware and Virus Removal
  • 50% Off Remote Support
  • 50% off onsite repair per device
  • Includes free 1 year antivirus
  • -
  • -
  • -
Get started
$100 / Month
  • 3 or more computers and printers
  • (6) Free Speedup / Clean up
  • (6) Free Adware and Virus Removal
  • 75% Remote Support
  • 75% off onsite repair per computer
  • Includes free 2 year antivirus
  • -
  • -
  • -
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