Small Business Setup and Maintenance
Small Business Setup and Maintenance

WORKSTATION SETUP: Computers / workstations will be installed and configured to work in a corporate environment.

SERVER SETUP: Server will be installed and configured to work with workstations to backup and store important information.

VPN: Create a VPN so clients will be able to access their workstations remotely and securely.

REMOTE SUPPORT: Workstations and servers will be monitored by techs to make sure they are up to date, virus free, clean from junk programs and files and are backing up correctly (see maintenance plan)

NETWORKING: Install routers and switches to create or join a network. Run cables to and from switches. Install wall plates

PRINTER: Install printer on network so each workstation can print from same printer. Repair printer ( paper jam, rollers worn out, toner issues etc.)

TELEPHONES: Install and setup phone systems either analog or VOIP.

Are you the owner of a small business? Do you have trouble with setting up and maintaining servers, networks and workstations? Allow Q-Tech Innovative Solutions to take care of those problems for you while you focus on running your business.

QTIS offers high-quality services dedicated to helping small business with setting up and keeping their systems working efficiently. We tend to all the technical parts of the business which are essential but do not require the attention of the owner. These include setting up workstations, servers, VPNs and networks.

We also provide maintenance service which ensure that all technical equipment run smoothly and efficiently which saves time and cost for the business. Our services are provided though qualified experts. This helps us maintain our standards and provide a reliable service to all of our clients.

Security Cameras Solutions for Businesses
Security Cameras Solutions for Businesses

Security Camera Install: Install security cameras wired or wireless. Wires can be ran through panduit, conduit or exposed.

Security Camera Maintenance: Make sure your cameras are always up and running. Clean lenses if there is an obstruction. (Maintenance plan)

Remote Viewing: Allow customers to view cameras on phones, tablets and computers. Can create alerts to inform when some is in the designated zone

Burglar alarms: Install burglar alarm systems that can be link to whatever company they were bought from.

Smart Home Install: Set up all smart home devices ( refrigerator lights, Google Home, Alexa, air conditioning etc.)

The use of security cameras has now become nearly standard in a lot of different industries and companies. We provide a complete package of security cameras and alarms which boosts the level of security around your premises.

Having security cameras inside the property can help with decreasing crime such as a theft, harassment and criminal damage. This makes the establishment safer and also saves the cost that the owner would have to bear in case of a break-in happening.

We also offer maintenance services to help keep the products functioning properly. Proper maintenance helps keep the cameras functioning for longer without any chance of them encountering a problem. In case of any malfunctions, our teams can visit the client to repair or replace the faulty cameras.

Website Design
Website Design

BASIC WEB DESIGN: Build 5 custom web pages including meta data and basic SEO

The design and look of a website is extremely important when attracting customers. Website design is one of the most sought-after services in the world with over three and a half billion searches being made daily. QTIS brings high-quality website designing services at your fingertips!

The design of your website is the face of your business. The website needs to be appealing to customers, leave an impression on them and be mobile-friendly. The website design services we provide allow you convert the visitors into leads.

It can be difficult to get a website’s design and layout just right but our seasoned experts are specialists of their craft. The websites we provide remain visible and are optimized for SEO. They are also mobile friendly and secure, using the best security methods to keep customer data safe.

Business Multimedia Solutions
Business Multimedia Solutions
  • TV Installation and Repairs
  • Video Conference Setup and Maintenance

The business multimedia solutions that Q-Tech Innovative Solutions brings you are aimed at helping businesses expand by providing them with superior marketing tools. We make it easier for new businesses to start and established businesses to grow.

Multimedia Solutions covers a range of services which include Digital Marketing, PPC Management, Web Site & Email Hosting, Web Design and Social Media Marketing just to name a few. Our experts have years of experience with helping startups by providing them with the competitive advantage they need.

We aim to provide our clients with business solutions that can be delivered instantly and cost-effectively. We listen to what our clients need and then suggest an appropriate response, implementing the plan if the client is happy with it.

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